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War in Ukraine

There is an ongoing war in Ukraine

On the 24th of February, at around 5 AM Kyiv time, Russian Federation with the leadership of V. Putin, started a war against Ukraine. Russia is calling it a special operation, but let’s not fool ourselves — it’s a war. A full scale war. Against a sovereign country. Against peaceful population.

This war has no goal. This war is not freeing anyone and not making somebody’s life better. It’s a war based on the imaginary world in the head of the Russian president, his advisors and oligarchs. This war brings only death and destruction. Death of Ukrainian soldiers and population, and a destruction of Ukrainian cities; Death of Russian soldiers and destruction of the Russian economy.

If you are Russian - you are being lied to

You are being told that Ukraine is being freed from nazis — but it’s a lie. Ukraine has a Jewish president, that was elected in a democratic way, who didn’t even speak Ukrainian when he became a president. The Russian army plays the roles of fascist in this case by bombing peaceful cities; by killing, in cold blood, Ukrainian citizens.

You are being told that Russia wins — it’s a lie. Wars can’t be won. In each war there are only losers.

You are being told that everything goes according to plan — it’s a lie. There was no plan, and Russian soldiers are being killed without knowing why they came to Ukraine in the first place.

You are being told that The West is the enemy, and it should be stopped — it’s a lie. If The West is evil, and is just trying to break the “great” Russia, then tell me, why the daughter of Lavrov, a person that hates The West, was born in New York, studied in Manhattan school, graduated from the Columbia University, got master’s degree in London, and is not even fluent in Russian? The first daughter of Peskov lives in Paris, while the second has an American citizenship. Tell me, why did the Russian oligarchs suddenly escaped to Dubai or Israel? Because of the Greatness of Russia?

You are being told that Russia will survive the sanctions — it’s a lie. Oligarchs and officials — might. They are turned to millionaires from billionaires and escaped to the “Evil West”, where they will continue to live and steal your money. Russians on the other side — might not.

Russian, open your eyes! Russia is not freeing anyone. The Russian army brings only death and destruction into peaceful cities of Ukraine. And there are no reasons for that.

Every one of us is apolitical, up until the moment when politics knocks on our door. I was born in Russia. My family left Russia in the end of the 90s, in a search for a better life, with a hope that one day, one could have a good life in Russia. But unfortunately, the Russian government put the last nail in the coffin of “good life in Russia”. My wife is Ukrainian. We have friends in both Russia and Ukraine. Some of them are living with us in Israel, others are in Russia or Ukraine. We all lived peacefully. We went to the office, drank beer in pubs, watched movies, discussed our plans for the weekend and planned our future lives. Today, we live in fear, anxiety and worry. Today, our lives are put on pause. And in the news outlets and social media — we are seeing events that were told to us by our grandfathers and grandmothers, who run away from, or courageously fought with, the Nazi Germany and Hitler. For us, they were just stories and nobody could have believed they will happen again.

You can help!

Everyone can help. Someone takes weapon and goes to fight on Ukrainian side. Someone goes to protests in Russia risking their life. I can’t ask people to risk their lives. It’s a choice each one should make by himself.

Before helping others, please make sure you’ve helped yourself. And only when you are sure, refer to the list below for possible ways to support Ukraine:

  • Speak. Tell the truth. To your friends and family. Russian propaganda — is a powerful machine that enslaved the minds of millions of Russians. But propaganda has no truth. It’s purpose is to make you the same as your government, so that you won’t be able to condemn it.
  • Listen. Many people need to speak. Many people are in a hard situation right now and they need to speak out their thoughts and worries. Be there to listen to your friends, family and relatives.
  • Support Ukraine

Слава Україні 🇺🇦 | Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦